1. Claude Monet Gallery of Art was a French Impressionist painting born in 1840. His most well known work includes the water lilies series. In 1899 he began painting the water lilies, first in vertical views with a Japanese bridge as a central feature, and later in the series of large-scale paintings that was to occupy him continuously for the next 20 years of his life.

    In his 1916 work of Water Lilies, Monet depicts his flower garden at Giverny and were the main focus of Monet’s artistic production during the last thirty years of his life. Many of the works were painted while Monet suffered from cataracts. This painting now resides in Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris.

    Gallery of Art Gallery of Artoffers high quality oil and canvas reproduction. They have one of the largest collection of master pieces from best artists of all time. They also give 3 years warranty with the facility of replacing or repairing the defective paintings. 


  2. Make your Bedroom Attractive

    French style furniture:

    French furniture is the most sophisticated type of furniture that injects the overstated beauty into your home. These are beautifully crafted shabby chic and French designs of furniture. French furniture is very attractive and antique furniture that attracts everyone. This is the reason, people like this style of furniture, the most. All the furniture that is used in home, office or anywhere are available in French style. Many people use the French furniture at their offices because it looks elegant and stunning.

    Variety of French bedroom furniture:

    Most of the people like to decorate their homes beautifully. Especially people like to have their bedrooms unique, elegant, stylish and luxurious. French bedroom furniture fulfills their desire of having a different bedroom. It includes French style bedsides, French style dressing tables, French style beds and French style wardrobes. A wide variety of these furnitures are made by the furniture boutiques. So, the people choose from a huge collection of furniture.

    French style beds:

    The styles of beds include beautifully crafted French beds, painted French style beds, shabby chic beds,  and rococo beds. These all are very beautiful and adorable. The beds may be hand crafted from solid wood and hand painted finishes. Range of painted finishes includes antique white, silver, gold and black. Even the French style includes linen beds in buttoned finishes in natural linen colors and French headboards includes upholstered and rattan. A wide variety of French bedroom furniture makes the room attractive and everyone falls in love with it.

    Quality of furniture:

    French furniture is not only attractive, stylish, and elegant but the furniture boutiques also consider the quality of the furniture. They use the highest quality wood to make these furniture and the linen used by them is also of good quality. The quality of furniture makes the furniture durable and furniture do not look good without the quality of material used in making it. The finishing of furniture further enhances the beauty. 


  3. Vibration Plates Advantages

    How weight loss can benefit you?

    Obesity is not one disease. It’s a mother of diseases, as it can give rise to so many other diseases. Many of the people who are suffering from obesity are exposed to heart related diseases, leg pain and other diseases like high blood pressure, back pain and sometimes it can cause cancer too. Losing weight does not only mean that you have become smarter, it also means that you have reduced the chances of suffering from many of the diseases.

    Benefits of vibration plate:

    There are numerous benefits of using this plate. These plates not only help celebrities or athletes, but also to common people who want to stay healthy and fit. These plates are not made just to reduce fat but it also helps in making muscles stronger. These plates increase the blood flow to muscles; it also helps in increasing lymphatic drainage. It also increases vital hormone production. An increase in speed, strength, stamina and health by the usage of this plate is seen and this for many individuals is not less than a blessing.

    Need of vibration plates:

     Obesity is the worldwide problem these days. One of the reasons of its growing popularity is that people in this area are busy in their daily life that we could not find any time for physical exercise and the plates do what the physical exercise does, burns extra fats. Many diseases nowadays are due to obesity. The obesity is usually caused by eating fast foods and oily products. However, people use various methods to reduce obesity. One of the modern methods is to use vibration plate. Athletes often require a good stamina and strength and they perform intense exercise to increase their stamina. Celebrities have to remain fit and healthy to maintain their popularity, due to these reasons these plates are in large demand in the modern era.  


  4. Police brutality and public response

    What is police brutality?

    Police brutality is the name of excessive use of force, i.e., usually physical, but in the form of the verbal attacks and psychological torture by a policeman. Police brutality occurs in many countries. Police is allowed to use force, but they are to be allowed to use force as per codes of practice. Excessive force is a violation of a person’s right. There are many reasons as why a policeman is being aggressive to a civilian. Some police officers are making use of excessive force on the civilians and it is differentiating their personalities from other officers.

    Use of excessive force by police:

    Police use of force is kept in check in many areas. A code of practice set out the laws and rules which are to be considered by a police officer while executing a force by a police officer. Many rules about police behavior are being mentioned in a code of practice.

    Duties of police:

    Police may use reasonable force where there is a need, for self defense, for the prevention of a crime, for the defense of others and to maintain peace in public jurisdiction. The police had been given many powers to exercise peace among citizens.  A person is stopped by the police officer at any time at a public place and can be asked for accounting for oneself and one has a right to explain to the police.

    In case of unfair behavior of police:

    If a police is not acting as per rules mentioned in the code of practice, public can sue them. If a police has ever treated a person unfairly, he has a right to make a complaint and the decision against police is to be taken as per according to the nature of the complaint. A person may bring an action against the police and can ask for damages and compensation for the sufferings. The police can be sued in the case of false imprisonment, assault, standard of care, etc.